Policy: Racial Makeup

Here at NERO Highborn, we would like to have our participants look good while playing the game. To this end, we have instituted some minimum racial makeup requirements. This policy represents the very bare minimum we expect from our players and of the staff. If the staff feels a player is not keeping up to the bare minimum, we will politely let that player know. Repeated reminders about the minimum requirements might be met with stronger warnings, loss of racial skills, up to and including a race change to human.

Our intent with this policy is not to berate our players or make them feel bad. We do not want to be constantly nagging you about your race. We expect each player to take this policy to heart and maintain their racial look to at least these standards or better. We want the players to police themselves, so that we don’t have to.  We understand if you have an allergy or if it’s hot out and you sweat off your makeup – that’s not what this policy is about at all. It’s about doing your best to look good while portraying your chosen race. If you’re confronted about these standards, please assume the best intent and try harder (you’ll get better with practice). When approaching others, please remember to be courteous when talking about this (hurt feelings are not what we’re after). The goal is to have fun with your race!

Racial Makeup Minimum Requirements

Human – No costume requirements.

Gypsy – Must speak with an accent. It does not have to be an Eastern European accent, but it does need to be some kind of recognized accent that is different from your normal speaking voice. You are also required to wear colorful clothes and jewelry.

Barbarian – Primitive looking clothes such as furs, animal pelts, tribal tattoos, etc.

Biata – Feathers on eyebrows.

Drae – Black makeup on all exposed skin, white hair (including facial hair), black-colored elf ears.

Dwarf – Beard (either real or fake) must be at least 10 inches in length for all males and 4 inches for all females. Makeup beards are not acceptable.

Elf (Quentari /Amani) – Elf ears.

Stone Elf – White makeup on all exposed skin, white-colored elf ears.

Wild Elf – Elf ears and primitive looking clothes such as furs, animal pelts, tribal tattoos, etc.

Half-Ogre – Yellow makeup on all exposed skin, lower protruding teeth.

Half-Orc – Green makeup on all exposed skin, lower protruding teeth.

Hobling – Sideburns must be large and unmistakable Make-up can be used for the sideburns, but we prefer hair sideburns (either real or fake), and hair on the back of hands (either real or fake).

Mystic Wood Elf – Horns and elf ears.

Sarr – Makeup or mask, makeup on all exposed skin. Tail preferred by not required.

Scavenger – It must be possible to distinguish a rough idea of your animal type within about 30 seconds. You should expect makeup on all exposed skin and/or masks. Tail preferred but not required.