Packing for NERO

If you've never played a weekend LARP before or never packed to go camping, the idea might be a little foreign to you. What will you need? What should I leave at home? Where do I start? Well lucky for you, we've been doing this for years, so we have the answers!

Camp Facilities

Camp Tuckabatchee - The camp covers 150 acres of wooded hills and valleys with trails running throughout. There are rustic cabins for sleeping in the main camp area, most without power. The camp has running cold and hot water and community restrooms with showers. The main lodge features a dinning area with a huge stone hearth and modern kitchen.

  • All but a couple of the cabins do not have power. It is very likely you will get one without power. Plan accordingly.
  • The cabins are not insulated. In the winter this means it gets COLD. Blankets and a good sleeping bag are needed.
  • The cabins have basic cot beds. Extra bedding will help you to be comfortable.
  • A map of the camp and trails can be found here.
  • A map of the main camp with buildings view can be found here.
  • There is no cellphone reception at the camp. There is a land-line phone for emergencies.
  • There is no internet at the camp.

Tavern (Food)

There is a person in-charge of cooking food for the weekend. The price of food is not included in your event fee - this is organized and run by players, not by Highborn staff. If you have any food allergies, please let us know so that we pass the information on (you can also post on Facebook). The meals are paid directly to the people running the tavern using US currency.

There will be Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday. Snacks, pop, water, and other treats are usually available all the time (while supplies last). On occasion, there may be hot meals on Friday night (rare) and Breakfast Sunday Morning (usually leftovers).

Bringing Food

You are free to bring your own food. You are also permitted to bring a grill or cook over a camp fire. You cannot cook indoors and all cooking and fire must be attended to at all times.

We ask that you do not sell food - that is the reason we have a tavern.

DO NOT bring outside firewood. If you want firewood, let us know before the event. The camp provides firewood for an extra fee.


  • Print Your Character Sheet - Make sure you have an updated copy of your character from the NERO DB.
  • Pack for the Weather (cannot stress enough) - Thermal undergarments like Under Armor are wonderful in the cold months.
  • Money - Used for food in the tavern, buying t-shirts or other items in Logistics, or clothes, weapons, props, etc from in-game vendors (other players).
  • Medicine - Prescriptions, inhalers, or other medical needs. Be sure you inform staff and include them on your Medical Waiver form.
  • Comfortable Shoes - You're going to be in them all weekend. They should be period shoes if possible, waterproof is a good idea. If not, get a good pair of hiking boots. Break in your shoes for a few weeks before you wear them at an event. New shoes at the event should be avoided if possible.
  • Socks & Extra Socks - You should change your socks often. If your socks are damp or wet, you will be miserable. Bring twice as many socks as you think you'll need.
  • Plastic Grocery Bags (10) - These can be a life saver to keep your feet dry and warm. Sock, bag, sock = warm dry feet.
  • White Headband - You'll need one. Any time you are out-of-game you must be wearing it. Often you can buy one in Logistics if you need to.
  • Character Costuming - You do not need to get elaborate out of the gate. You just don't want to be wearing modern-looking clothes. No printed t-shirts or items with modern corporate logos. These things break immersion by reminding us of the real world. You can find some good clothes online or even from other players at events.
    • It is a good idea to have more than one change of clothes - you'll sweat or get wet and muddy, and now what are you going to do? You do not want to be forced to wear the same stinky clothes all weekend. Think of it like this - if you go work-out at the gym, you shower and change afterwards. You'll be working all weekend at NERO, trust us.
  • Character Accessories - These are items that give you character something extra. Drinking steins, pouches, sashes, bandannas, etc.
  • Tags & Phys-Reps - Make sure you have all the item tags and any phys-reps (physical representation) for your items. If you have potions, you need a potion vial for each one. Any Magic Items you have tags for also require a phys-rep or you cannot use it. Sometimes you get a phys-rep with the tag and sometimes you have to provide the phys-rep. Formal Scrolls, Formal Components, Alchemy Packets (orange), etc.
  • Cabin Decorations - Players love to add flair to their cabins. Nothing helps immersion more when you're hanging out in the cabin than a fully decked-out room. Some people bring rugs, tapestries, chests, and other displays or period-looking items. Trying to make the room feel like something other than a cabin.
  • Battery-Powered Lights - Flameless candles, tea lights, lanterns (diffuse the light).
  • Sleeping Bag, Blankets, Pillow
  • Toiletries - Soap, washcloth, towel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, toilet paper (just in case), hairspray, contact lenses and cases, solution, and glasses. It's a good idea to buy unscented products or you might find bugs drawn to you by the scented products.
  • Character Make-up - Snazaroo or some other high-quality make-up is suggested. You may want face-setting powder also. Spirit Gum for holding on elf ears. Remover for getting them clean after.
  • Baby Wipes - Good for getting off make-up, but also for just a quick refresh. They don't remove the need to shower, but are still nice.
  • Flashlight - Just in case. Remember to diffuse the light. These should only be used if necessary - they are not an in-game item.
  • Duck Tape - Always good to have a roll. Fixes so many things. Good for putting "W" on doors when you have a WARD.
  • Bug Spray - Spring, Summer, Fall - good idea. Some players are allergic to Deet (rare). It is polite to ask and make sure to don't spray others. There are some Deet free products available now.
  • Sunscreen - Protect yourself against burns. Reapplying sunscreen every few hours is necessary. This is because many sunscreen formulas degrade with exposure to UV light. The oil on your skin and face also break down sunscreen.
  • First Aid Kit - Just in case. We have one at the camp, but you might need one of your own.
  • Cooler - Whatever food you want to eat. Remember to get ice.
  • Grill or Camping Stove - You will not have access to the kitchen, so you'll need this if you plan to cook. Make sure it does not require electricity.
  • Weapons and Shields - Safe Boffer Weapons, Latex Weapons, and shields can be bought or made by players.
  • Armor - If your character has physical armor, you'll also need physical armor. During the hottest days, use will announce Summer Armor Rules - you will not have to wear armor and risk heat-stroke to get the benefits.
  • Spell Packets - or Alchemy Packets (orange) or Arrow Packets (yellow) - whatever your character uses.
  • Notebook with Pencil/Pen - You're likely to want to write something down at some point! 
  • Rulebook (optional) - It's a good idea to have a copy of the rules. If you have a copy on an electronic device, keep it out of sight. If you need to go look something up, do it discreetly. 
  • Donations - Earn Goblin Points by donating to NERO! You can spend them on all kinds of things.

Do Not Bring

  • Alcohol, Firearms (guns), Real Weapons, Illegal Drugs, or Prescription Drugs not proscribed to you. These are not allowed on the site. If found, Police will be called. Leave these items off the site.
  • Religious Symbols - There is no religion in NERO. If you have a religious-type tattoo, please cover it up.
  • Electric Blankets - Most cabins have no power and even then, you will blow a fuse.
  • Space Heaters - No power (see above).
  • Fireworks - Dry leaves make fireworks dangerous.
  • Fire Wood - The camp provides firewood for an extra fee.
  • Anything extremely valuable or sentimental. These things can get lost, stolen, or broken. We are not responsible for your valuables!
  • Anything inappropriate to a family atmosphere. There might be children around you.