New Player Perks

What perks do you get as a brand new player at NERO Highborn? Here's what you get:

1. HALF OFF your first event as a new player!

2. Goblin Points! As a brand new member, we give you 400 Goblin Points so you can see how they work. The person that recruited you also gets 400 Goblin Points. See Donations page.

3. 100 silver deposited into your character's Bank!

4. Help from staff every step of the way, if you need it.

5. New Player Training at your first event.

6. FUN! Lots and lots of fun! You'll get to play with your friends and hundreds of other people.

You get these rewards when you come to your first event, as long as you are a brand new player (transferring players do not). 

How Do I Join NERO?

Click on the link above and let's talk about that.