Character Classes

Choosing a character class is a very important choice to make. Some classes such as fighters rely almost exclusively on physical combat, rogues rely on speed and stealth, Templars who are often very slow to gain skill as they don't specialize can be powerful later in your career, and scholars who use their wits and magic to overcome obstacles. Choose carefully!


Fighters take naturally to the physical combat arts and rely mainly on strength and stamina to accomplish their goals. They can wear up to 20 points of armor


Rogues have a natural bend towards dexterity based skills, and also the practice of Alchemy. Rogues are limited in how many armor points they can use.


Scholars are adept at many mental skills and readily learn the magical arts. Scholars are even more limited in how many Armor Points they can use than are Rogues.

There are two different types of magic in the rules system: Celestial Magic (used by mages) and Earth Magic (used by healers and necromancers).

Celestial Magic gains its power from the forces of the stars and so mages are also students of astronomy and astrology. All mages must know how to Read Magic.

Earth Magic gains its power from the earth and its cycles, and so many healers have great respect for life. Also, all healers also must know First Aid and Healing Arts in order to cast their spells. Earth casters can also call upon the forces of chaos, decay, and disease - these spells are known as Necromancy (although this is illegal in many lands!).


Templars are spell casters who are somewhat more adept at physical combat skills than are scholars. They are not religious in any way. Their combat training leaves them better able to fight, but takes away from their studies. They cannot use as many Armor Points as Fighters, but can use more than Rogues and Scholars.