The Empire of Cascara

Treatise of Noble Virtue

By Aramathis of Lorensby, 5769

Fredrick Cardona loved our land so much that he wept and with his dying breath, laid down a curse. This was the Curse of Cardona's Love and it binds all those Noble Highborn together in brotherhood. It was with Marshall Cardona's dying breath in 3549 (ER -1615) that we have been held to his standard of virtue and we are held true to this very day. The Virtues represent Marshall Cardona's personal code with which the curse will be judge and jury upon us each as we traverse the waters of life and hold action upon our duties as Nobles. The Curse of Cardona's Love is impartial yet holds actions, intent, and situation within its purview as unbiased judge. A Noble knows in their heart wherein there is righteous virtue and seeks not to bend or subvert these tenants. There is no grayness of intent. Each person unequivocally knows their own choice and which actions are not within the Virtues, but which instead serve the Vices of Depravity. Be warned, those who take the Oath of Cardona, that you shall be bound by his Curse always and in all times and places. Be also warned that the Black Scales of Injustice shall be a mark upon the brow of any Noble who heeds not these Virtues. This was Marshall Cardona's gift to us and it remains a lesson to us each day.

The Virtues of Nobility

Courage – Bravery, boldness, and daring; overcoming one's own fears to charge forward in support of your values. Be the defender in action and voice of the weak and infirm. Seek to know the difference between action and folly.

Hope – Confidence, possibility, and trust; have belief that the situation will have a positive favorable outcome. Keep a positive and cheerful demeanor and inspire it in others. Be merciful to those who ask for it with sincerity. Offer others the chance to earn their way into your heart. Yet put only careful faith in the pledged word of a stranger.

Humility – Modesty, graciousness, and selflessness; it is not thinking less of oneself, it is thinking of oneself less. Undertake those tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved.

Largesse – Generosity, charity, and self-sacrifice; being generous as resources allow. Yet be ever watchful of those that would subvert your good graces to their own ends.

Love – Compassion, friendship, and fidelity; being unselfish and kind for their own sake. Have empathy and trust without prejudice, resentment, bias or spite. Inspire kindness in others.

Loyalty – Devotion, commitment, and fealty; allegiance and duty to one's sovereign, one's country, their family and tried friends. Be true to your oath no matter how large or small at all times. Abide by the enactments of lawful authority and defend always your sworn liege. Yet there are many places where compromise is expected, know that loyalty is not amongst them.

Vigilance – Integrity, ethic, and steadfastness; hold true always to your ideals, values and convictions, especially when no one else is watching. Maintain your belief that adversity can be overcome if you persevere. Seek excellence in yourself in the service of justice. Suffer no injustice, distress, or wickedness and combat against your enemies without cessation.

The Vices of Depravity

Cowardice – The lack of bravery in facing danger, pain, difficulty or adversity; giving into fear or being timid and fleeing before difficulty or challenge. This is Courage betrayed.

Despair – The complete loss and abandonment of all hope because of obstacles; the inevitable resignation against adversity and with utter disregard as to the consequences. This is Hope betrayed.

Pride – An excessive love of the self and contempt for others. This is Humility betrayed.

Greed – The desire to possess more than one has need or use for; the lust of money, possessions and power; a perverted desire to deprive others of theirs. This is Largesse betrayed.

Ire – Feelings of resentment, jealousy, hatred, revenge or denial; the punitive desires to act outside of justice. This is Love betrayed.

Treachery – The act of willful betrayal and deception for some personal gain. This is Loyalty betrayed.

Apathy – Idleness and wastefulness of time or other allotted resources. Apathy results in complacency, forcing others to work harder. This is Vigilance betrayed.