NERO Highborn is always looking for new members! We do a lot to get new people involved, but there's always more to do!

The primary way for NERO recruitment is through word-of-mouth! Sure, we do other types of traditional advertising but having our players talk to their friends and other gamers about their LARPing experiences at NERO Highborn, is a major benefit! When you're talking to people about how much fun you're having, that passion really comes through! They can see in your eyes that you're telling the truth!

Social Media

An easy way to start out is just simply share our information on your social media sites. Post pictures and make announcement about our events! Let your friends and followers know about what you did last weekend! It all helps to get the word out! We're on Facebook

Other LARPs and Groups

Do you belong to other LARPing or gaming groups? That's a great source of new players! They are already doing LARPing, Paintball, Theater, props design, or whatever! You already share an interest with them, so they might be willing to give NERO a try!

Not Interested? No Problem!

People don't always understand or are not able to visualize what we're saying when we talk about our hobby and community. If they are not interested, that's okay. We've not even touched the surface of just the people in our own state. If nineteen people say 'no thanks, that's not for me' and one person says 'heck yeah! sounds like a great time!' - you're doing fine!

The Benefits of Recruitment

When you bring someone who has never played NERO before to the game, you're not only helping NERO Highborn, but every NERO Chapter! Here are the benefits for your efforts:

  • Goblin Points - You'll get 400 Goblin Points for each person you bring to an event!
  • The more people you recruit, the more rewards you can earn over time! Examples include, more goblin points, plot cookies, event discounts (including free events), Plot Submissions (worth blankets of XP), and more!

Promotional Materials

Here are some items that you can print off and take to your gaming store or wherever you want to put them up. We're working on more, so check back again soon.