Spending Build Points

Now we have our example character but no skills. Let's fix that!

Just to make sure we're starting on the same page, you'll need to read the Racial Skills Update - this replaces Racial Skills in the NERO 9th Edition Rulebook.

Alright 50 Build Points! You might have more if you have Goblin Points, but we're not going to worry about that right now. Let's build our character! Personally, I like to make sure that I learn at least one of my Racial Skills first, but you may decide to wait. As a Dwarf, we have the Racial Traits Tough and Tradesman. Racial Skills with those Traits will be cheaper for our Dwarf to learn than most other characters. Expand the Racial Skills menu so we can see everything in here.


Okay! We're going to buy Tough, Resist Physical (5BP) by clicking the green up arrow. We're done with Racial Skills for now. As the character gains more levels we can always come back here and buy more skills.

Next, we'll need a weapon skill, so let's go to Weapons & Armor and expand the menu. As a Dwarf, we know that our Racial Feature is Hammer Mastery - so we just need to buy any weapon skill and then we'll be able to pick up Hammer Mastery for free (other races are different). I think Thrown Weapon (4BP) will fit the character, so let's buy that by clicking the green up arrow; this fulfills the Racial Feature prerequisite. Now we can go over to Racial Traits and expand the menu - choose Hammer Mastery (0BP) from the list and add it to our skills. A quick trip back over to Weapons & Armor and buy Shield (5BP). We have now spent a total of 14 Build Points so far.

We still have 16BP to spend! Go to Fighting and expand the menu. A Weapon Proficiency (15BP) allows the character to deal +1 damage with a weapon, so that seems like a good choice. When we add the skill, we're asked some questions. The first is "What Weapon?" - meaning which weapon will get the bonus. We have two different weapon skills Thrown Weapon and Hammer Mastery. However, our Racial Feature with Hammer Mastery also automatically applies all Weapon Proficiencies we know to it, so we don't need to worry about that (it's special because of the Dwarf race). We can safely choose to apply the Weapon Proficiency to our Thrown Weapon skill (but again, it will also apply to Hammer Mastery as well).

The second question is Which Hand? - typically you'll choose your primary hand, however the Thrown Weapon skill can be used with either hand, so we choose Both Hands (the only option for Thrown Weapon skill once chosen). Most weapons are either one-handed or two-handed.

Now that we got that sorted out, we have only 1BP left, which we will save for when we have more Build Points to spend. Here is what our example character looks like now:

Hit the SAVE button every now and again while you're working in here. This is a sandbox so you can undo your choices - until you hit COMMIT, which locks in the changes and prevents further changes. Don't hit Commit unless you're sure you like what you have.

I think the example character looks good and don't want to make any further changes. Let's hit COMMIT and lock the Build Points we just spent into place. 

  • PRO TIP: If you have a question about a skill in the database, just click on the little (?) - or you can look it up in the NERO Rulebook too.

Other Stuff

There are two check boxes in the Character Information window: 

They are NOT check-marked by default. We suggest that you check both of them (optional).

The first box, Select this Character as your Primary will set the character as Primary. This is useful if you have multiple characters. Only once character can be Primary. The second box, Auto Goblin Blanket for this Character will cause the database to automatically buy a Goblin Blanket for this character every week.

A Goblin Blanket is just one of the several things you can do with Goblin Points. A Goblin Blanket is one blanket of XP that gets applied to your character (if you choose) each week (if you have enough points) - at a cost of 50 Goblin Points each week. If you have multiple characters getting Goblin Blankets, you can run out of points quickly. You can always get more Goblin Points by Donating to NERO!

For more information on Goblin Points, Goblin Blankets, Event Blankets, and more check out the NERO Rulebook.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, we want to help! We can't cover everything here, so ask away! You're never going to be bothering us - this is what we do! Please take a look at out Contact page and send an email or reach out of Facebook. We hope to see you at an event soon!