How-to: Pre-Registration

You already have a character and you know how to spend build to buy skills. Now you're ready to attend an event. It's a good idea to Pre-Register and pay the event fee before the event. By pre-registering it let's the staff know you're coming, if your going to PC or NPC, what character you're going to be playing, and more.

When you pre-pay the event fee, you're given a discount off the door price. This confirms your reservation for the game so that we hold a spot for you. Now, we're going to dive in to how to do all of this.


You'll go and sign-in to the NERO Online Character Database.

In the Members menu on the left side, click on NERO Character Editor. Take a second and make sure you have spend your Build Points and that everything is in order. Make sure that you COMMIT your skills - otherwise they will not be printed with your character sheet. Once you're satisfied with your character, you can find the event you would like to attend.

Next, click on List of Upcoming Events from the Members menu. This will show you all the events for your home chapter. You can see ALL events by clicking on Calendar of Events. Find the event and click on it - Register Now.

This is the Event Information page. You find all the information about the event on this page, including location and event fee. Pick your character from the drop down (if you have more than one) and click Select Character.

Available Discounts - If you have any Available Discounts you can apply one from the drop down list. Otherwise is will say No Discount.

Click on Register and Pay Now to be taken to the NERO Highborn PayPal Store. Log-in to PayPal and complete your transaction.

Register Now, Pay Later is an option if you don't want to pay yet (or don't have PayPal yet). It's a good idea to setup a PayPal account because you'll need it to pay for future events. You can pay at the door, but you will not get the discounted rate, even if you pre-registered. This is because pre-payment confirms your reservation for the event.

Once you are registered for the event, you'll see a confirmation page. You will also get an email sent you the email on file.

Production Requests

Once you're pre-registered, you should see a button that says Event Items. This is how you'll add your Production Skills so we can pull them for you ahead of time. If you're not sure what you want, just hold off and do it at the event. If you don't see the Event Items button, you don't have the necessary skills - don't worry about it.

If you want to request your production, click on the link and you'll be taken to the NERO Event Pre-Registration Production screen.

Do you have access to a Workshop? If you've acquired a Workshop in-game then be sure to check the box. If you don't (or are a new player), don't check the box because it changes the number of points you get. The same goes for other check boxes you may have in this area. If you're not sure, don't check-mark it because we can always sort it out at the event.

Next, fill in the number of items you want of each type. Production point totals are tracked on the right side. When you're done, click Submit Order. This will add the production to the event for your character and also send us an email with your production request. You tags will be ready when you check-in at the event (saving you time).

If you don't want to submit your production now, you can wait to do it at the event. There may be a delay in getting you the requested tags at check-in.

Out-of-Chapter Players

Be sure you copy your character to Highborn. In the Members menu on the left side, click on Copy Character to a Chapter. Choose the character you plan to play and then Copy to Chapter: Highborn (from the drop down). This will copy your character from your HOME CHAPTER to this chapter. If you're playing somewhere else, choose that chapter name. This does not MOVE your home chapter.