NERO Highborn has been continuously running LARP events since 2012. We have an experienced and dedicated staff of people who understand what it is that makes LARPing so great. Here, we strive to maintain the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our commitment to our players is second to none and neither is our desire to offer a world-class experience in live-action gaming. At Highborn you’ll find that we’re so much more than mindless quests and combat. We're here to tell a great story and you're part of that story!

Our final event of 2016 is September 30-October 2, 2016 at Camp Tuckabatchee in Ottawa IL! Check out our Schedule page for a full listing.

Teaser 1 - Sept 30-Oct 2, 2016 - Season 5 Closer!

The Gathering Storm

Failure. After nearly a year, once again, he faced failure. There was little time remaining. Things were beginning to fail apart. It was becoming noticeable by more than just the scholars too. People simply vanished without a trace – there one minute and then gone the next. Whole towns erased as if they never existed, yet the maps still showed where they had been. Books and even small libraries had nothing but blank pages in them. This was a kind of trouble no one had predicted and could scarcely imagine possible.

Time was disrupted last year when Phasthuul was separated from Malik Strande. Phasthuul grows in power, while Malik is held as a guest of the Elves in Lumaria – his location a closely guarded secret.

The High King, Adonis Harkon, having lost the support of several kingdoms within the Empire of Cascara, is unable to retake upper Grendmyre from Lord Graymore – who resides in the former capitol of the Empire. Lumaria has denied the requests for aid from the High King, as have Cardona and Mul Thurak. Ashtilund has remained silent. There is talk of war in the lips of nobles and commoners alike.

Gavin of Vallidorn has not been seen since the day of the attack on Phasthuul and the destruction of the Throne of Valor. His house, empty for many months, is now gone as well. What remains in an empty plot with no walls, windows, or doors – it’s as if the house were picked up and moved away.

“Where have you gone old man?” Kazak said to himself as he closed the tome. “How can I find you when you don’t even know you’re missing? What if I can never find you? How much of these lands will remain?"

Teaser 2 - Sound of Thunder

Across the borders of Grendmyre, a sound long forgotten began to resurface. Sounds of living things spring forth no longer twisted by the corruption of the curse of desolation. Among the sounds of nature, another sound not often heard in the lands for a long time during the plague of the curse begins to rise: the sounds of chanting, of marching feet sounds, of impending war.