NERO Highborn has been continuously running LARP events since 2012. We have an experienced and dedicated staff who understand what it is that makes LARPing so great! Here, we strive to maintain the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our commitment to our players is second to none and neither is our desire to offer a world-class experience in live-action gaming. At NERO Highborn you’ll find that we’re so much more than mindless quests and combat. We're here to tell a great story and you're part of that story!

Our next event will be May 19-21, 2017 at Camp Tuckabatchee in Ottawa IL! Check out our Schedule page for a full listing.


I can only start this off by simply saying THANK YOU! For all the great times I have shared with you running this game THANK YOU! It has been my joy and privilege to run 30 magical events over the last 5 wonderful years here at NERO Highborn!

Of course I didn’t do it alone – this could never have been realized without wonderfully talented people helping out and the many hours of time they donated to contribute to the success of NERO Highborn: Jennifer Reinke Vaillancourt, Dave Schultz, Kristen Stubblefield, Casey Bahnick, Ben Budnik, Joel Burrow, Timothy Grzelka, Justin Tomlinson, Andrew Hardrick, Scott Tomlinson, Amy Landsberg, Jennie Milstein, Vincent Singleton, Brandon Serafini, James Rapinac, Jerry Boyd and Joseph Valenti. NERO Highborn would never have been possible without the help, dedication, and devotion of all these amazing people. They are all instrumental in what we have built here so far.

The new owners of NERO Highborn are Melanie Stagman and Jerry Boyd - they will be your new contact people going forward. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (this might change). I will be helping in the transition for a little while. I will still be involved with NERO.

It has truly been and honor to be your host in this fantasy world which we all built together. This world was always for you, the players, and there remain endless adventures for you encounter in 2017 and beyond!

Go now Highborn and discover your destiny.

Jason Mote