NERO Highborn has been continuously running LARP events since 2012. We have an experienced and dedicated staff who understand what it is that makes LARPing so great! Here, we strive to maintain the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our commitment to our players is second to none and neither is our desire to offer a world-class experience in live-action gaming. At NERO Highborn you’ll find that we’re so much more than mindless quests and combat. We're here to tell a great story and you're part of that story!

Our next event will be May 19-21, 2017 at Camp Tuckabatchee in Ottawa IL! Check out our Schedule page for a full listing.

Terror in the Woods

The sounds of trees cracking and bending drifts on the wind. Animals mystic and other wise are seen fleeing in all directions along with elemental's of all kinds. They do not seem to care that they should be fighting each other, only survival is on the mind. Far off in the distance a cry is heard, pure terror, as an uneasy feeling fills the area as it is clear that nothing good is coming.

The Sound of Drums

Drums can be heard from all around, marching of clumsy feet and stripping of branches echos through the land. Scattered throughout the trails to town are the bodies of several fire mages and abandoned camps.